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Original Title: Cradle to Grave
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Language: English
Description: Another fascinating study channel National Geographic. The hero of the film Adam was lucky to survive until the moment when his heart will make 4 billion hit. Save a bright mind man decided to tell the audience about the amazing adventure called "life" of those hidden processes that occur within us. In one example, a human body is shown, which stages each person passes from its inception in the womb to the last gasp from cradle to grave.    Date December 31, 1949 became a landmark in the family of Adam. According to his parents, this day of conception. 300 million sperm cells are involved in the race for the coveted prize, respectively, the chances of each of them is negligible, but the miracle occurs! 12 hours later the lucky manage to penetrate into the egg, and start the sacrament of new life. Incredibly, but the woman did not even feel.    Male and female cells carry along 23 chromosomes, merged together, they form a "blueprint" for the future of human - genetic code. First cell divides into 2 pieces, then 4, and then everything goes on a fantastic complex, developed by the nature of the script.

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