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Anton was accustomed to obey their parents, but at some point realize that living on someone else's script, and all that he has - it hated work and unloved wife. He decides to radically change their lives, calling his first love Olga, who lives in a small town, and acknowledged that his feelings have not cooled down. Olga happy, because for her it's a chance to start a new life. She completely trusts Anton, but it is not easy to Anton many mysteries and secrets, rival Olga gets her sister, and very quickly the life of the protagonist falls. In difficult times it supports Maxim, friend and partner Anton, hard going through the death of his brother, and obsessed with the idea to find the culprit of his death. Who can be trusted, and who is to blame for all ills, what is the price of human error, and it always makes life a chance to correct it.

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