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Original Title: Gabe the Cupid Dog
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
  • Family
Production companies Feifer Worldwide
Language: English
Description: In 2012 cinema screens released film made in the USA "Cupid Dog» (Gabe the Cupid Dog). Merry sparkling comedy just like the audience and attracted the original story. In the role of matchmaker between people speaks dog. Simple story. After another break next relationship Eric feels great, freedom of meetings without obligation, the trip to London looming in front of his nose, and in general - all the way through. The truth must be solved before leaving a delicate question, what to do with four-legged friend Gabe, what it do in London? Not a problem, as we live in America. The dog can be taken in one of the many animal shelters to temporary content. There he perezhdot until the owner returns home. Geybs grows under the care of a male journalist. Not the best and most attentive host, but not fatal. We eat, thank God, not the garbage in the end. We must live in a shelter, wait! It's temporary. But when Geybs sees its future neighbors, completely pit bulls and mastiffs, understands, an urgent need to escape. And then not to dozhivosh joyful return. The question is how? Disrupt the trip! What will make the owner to stay, to give up a career. Only big and bright love. Dog "tries on" the Cupid costume and proceeds to take decisive action. Arrows carp fly toward neighbor Eric, Sarah, concurrently talented author RL Dutton. By the way, the author of this long and unsuccessfully searching for the journalist.    Go see the comedy "Cupid Dog» (Gabe the Cupid Dog), take a break from worries laugh heartily. Save a bunch of vitamins.    George Zhurko.

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