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Original Title: The Holly Kane Experiment
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Production companies Substantial Films
Language: English
Description: Tense reel of film immerse the viewer in the dark world of the main character by the name of Holly Kane. The woman - an experienced psychologist, known throughout the scientific world with an interest in human consciousness and subconsciousness. Our heroine is almost his whole life dedicated to research that conventional eye simply can not see. She long tried to dive as deep as possible into the consciousness in order to understand and explore the subconscious, the levers that affect the behavior and decision-making personality. All those who surround it, almost certain that the road she has chosen is correct. But there are people who hold a different opinion. Smart colleagues warned that her experiments are dangerous and can result in a very unpredictable and sad. This may distort the identity of the individual ...    However, Holly adamant. She decides to do next, most important step. Prove to everyone around that the human subconscious mind can be changed. And he decides to spend on themselves this experience, playing the role of both subject and object. As a result, according to her idea, it will be completely different person, and all of this will change the world of psychology on its head. At first, everything goes smoothly, but then starts to happen something strange and even terrible. Dr. Kane begins to slowly but surely go crazy ...

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