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Original Title: Volcanoes of the Deep Sea
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Production companies IMAX
Producers Alex Low, Pietro L. Serapiglia
Language: English
Description: Another terrific American documentary, about the underwater life and what lies in the depths of the waters. Once scientists interested in unusual processes that were recorded on the surface of the ocean, not throughout, but especially locally. They decided to explore the area, and were shocked by their findings. It turned out that at a depth of several thousand kilometers, the pot with a thick layer of water surface seething volcanoes are real! They do not sleep and continue to erupt. Despite the fact that they are in great depth, and the poisoning with lead and lava all around. And, it seems, are not going to stop their actions, because, according to the topography and soil samples, they live their lives for centuries. But this discovery is not the strangest thing. On the area affected by the volcano, just can not be nothing alive, because toxic fumes instantly kill an entire ecosystem, but the same studies indicate that some species of local flora is not simply live in such conditions, but also quietly multiply. Also special alvinelly worms living in poisonous soil, which quietly endure almost boiling water around and feed on the remains of eruptions. It was after studying this unusual kind was made many discoveries that can make a breakthrough in science. A viewer can only watch this unusual sight on their screens and admire the ability of nature, which is able to adapt to any conditions.

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