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Original Title: 2057
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Discovery
Creators: Michio Kaku
Description: TV series streaming service Netflix, based on real events, tells about the hunt of American intelligence agencies on the Colombian cocaine king Pablo Escobar.rncoming from a poor family, Pablo always dreamed of money and fame. With a severe temper and tough character, the guy from a young age begins to engage in drug trafficking, and eventually organizes its own drug cartel. Sly, greedy and ruthless Escobar bribery, intimidation and terror kneels the entire political elite of the country, ruthlessly eliminates competitors, and transports to the United States large quantities of drugs, earning billions of dollars.rna few years later, Escobar and his people control over 80% of the world drug market. At the same time in Medellin, where Pablo was born and raised, he is almost a national hero. Escobar builds houses, schools and hospitals for the poor, distributes money and food packages. In the end, the brazen drug Lord decides to run for President to change the Constitution paragraph on extradition to the United States representatives of the cocaine mafia.rnrnBecause the corrupt police of Colombia is not able to deal with such a powerful figure, the Office for the fight against drugs, the U.S. sends to the country Steve Murphy and Javier Pena. Special agents are working undercover with the help of the new President of Colombia. Their goal-to track down and catch one of the most dangerous criminals of the XX century. At this time, Escobar declares a real war not only to the rival cartel, but also to the entire government.

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