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Original Title: 21 Jump Street
  • Genres:
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Channel: FOX
Creators: Stephen J. Cannell
Language: English
Description: The audience will get acquainted with seventy-five-year-old former Sheriff Jimmy Pritchard, who was dishonorably dismissed from service fifteen years ago. Now he is a sick old man, grouchy, nasty, but loving his children and grandchildren. His son works for the FBI. He's investigating a very complicated case. Deciding to help him Jimmy Pritchard goes to his home to study archival documents. There he finds two suspicious people rummaging through his son's papers. Wanting to stop them, he himself becomes a victim. He's being thrown off a bridge, masking murder as suicide.rnrnyou should have thought Jimmy Pritchard suicide, not rendered shocks of the past, if it did not intervene in the case. Brother and sister Otto and Mary Goodwin-the owners of a huge computer company. Otto is brilliant, but he can't communicate with other people because of a mental disorder. The closest person to him is his sister, with whom he speaks the "language of Gemini." The trouble is that Mary, connecting with the outside world, is terminally ill. She has an aggressive form of cancer. The treatment isn't working. The only chance for salvation may be the technology developed by Otto. The first test becomes the victim Jimmy Pritchard. Examination shows that his cells have a unique ability to regenerate. Jimmy's body is placed in a special pool, where it goes through several stages of change. From healing, rejuvenation, to full recovery.rnrnAnimated hero gets a second chance in life, as well as incredible physical strength. Now he can not only find their murderers, but also to help his son to bring the investigation to an end. Jimmy's blood is used for transfusions that should help Mary heal. The only disadvantage is that, after a certain time, Jimmy must return to the container to restore vital energy. If he doesn't, his body will die again, now forever.

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