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A documentary study by well-known journalist and producer Morgan Spurlock on the biblical commandments, about what their non-compliance leads to. Leading a very ambiguous approach to the study of sins, sometimes bringing some points to the point of absurdity. In each of the series will focus on one human disease.The first is devoted to gluttony. Roman patricians indulged in this Vice, eating for days. Monarch Adolf Frederick ordered daily cook a huge number of dishes, and all of them ate fourteen sweet rolls. He died clutching a fork. We are all insatiable creatures, indulging in gluttony, slowly killing ourselves.Envy eats the person from within, he is not able to rejoice to achievements of others and seeks not to live the life, and to be similar to more successful, but this diligence is poisoned by envy.Lust. Caligula arranged orgies, the sexual appetites of Catherine II are legendary. These days, the possibilities of the sex industry are endless, so what, throwing yourself into the wind?In a state of anger, people are able to tear even loved ones, which only do not dare deceived women and men who are unable to cope with their emotions.Later in the series focuses on pride, greed and laziness, they are just as interesting and informative as the previous one.

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