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Original Title: A Nero Wolfe Mystery
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Mystery
  • Family
Channel: A&E
Creators: Stuart Kaminsky,Rex Stout,Sharon Elizabeth Doyle,Lee Goldberg,Michael Jaffe,William Rabkin,Janet Roach,Jennifer Salt,Mark Stein
Language: English
Description: Postwar America, new York, Peggy Carter is now just an office worker in the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR), as in peacetime, secret Affairs engaged exclusively professional special agents are men. Peggy recently lost a loved one, Steve Rogers (Captain America), who was forced to send his plane into the ocean. She misses him and occasionally comes to the archive, to go through his case and take a look at the photo. Now Carter is staying with a friend, sharing with her alternately and a single bed, and clothing, usually working in different shifts during the day. For girlfriend Peggy – serving conventional telephone service.the Committee makes the SSR the trial of Howard stark, father of Tony stark and immediate founder of “stark industries”, engaged in the latest developments in the field of armaments during the First and Second world wars. Now Howard is charged with selling his “dangerous stuff” (different prototypes of the latest weapons) of the enemies of the North American States. In fact, in the secret vault stark entered the unknown, stealing its contents, in particular the entry of chemical formula that stark in practice, haven't checked. But all his inventions usually turned out to be quite viable, and Howard is forced to secretly ask for help from Peggy. Carter knew stark before, because is quite sure of his innocence. You want to try not only to give up on him before the SSR, but also to protect the world from his scientific inventions, which probably fell into the wrong hands. In this difficult mission, it will help Edwin Jarvis, a Butler, a driver and assistant to stark, seemingly – gentle man English education under the heel of his wife. However, Jarvis implicitly and highly accurately performs all that is required of him than a lot of helps Carter in her complicated Affairs. Peggy needs to prove to others that it still has its place among the agents of the special Department, and it is no worse than men.

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