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  • Drama
Sarah spent the last twenty years away from home. She left Australia still very young and naive, having gone to conquer Europe. After many years, the heroine of the series "the Place that the house is called" decided to return home. It is connected with it all the key storylines of the story. The previous part ended in 1954, and the 5th season takes us 4 years in advance. Much has changed in Australia since then. Too much of what society threatens to collapse. The world of the bourgeoisie is collapsing, the rich are deprived of the usual privileges, moral values are losing relevance. Against this background, a new generation is growing, full of discontent with the surrounding world. War for them-a matter of the past, does not require attention. At the same time, young people are indifferent to the pain and suffering of their parents. At the beginning of the first series, Sarah and Henry collide again. This time because of the actions of Frank Gibbs, who was able to identify hidden prejudices in Australian society. Meanwhile, Elizabeth's life changes due to unexpected illness of Douglas, who began coughing up blood. And George decides to divorce Regina, who is serving her sentence.