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Original Title: Absolutely Fabulous
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: BBC One
Creators: Jennifer Saunders,Dawn French
Language: English
Description: There is an opinion that to catch a clever criminal can only be one who has been in his shoes, but he was never caught, because the police and the FBI are very willing to involve in the work of catching dangerous troublemakers former thieves, robbers, murderers and the like, among which the most prominent and representative is considered Raymond Reddington. Catch Raymond despite years of searching for numerous agents around the world and failed until one day he knocked on the door of the FBI office personally and offered his services in the capture of their own kind. Of course, that repentance is not immediately believed, but the work picked up and even followed a special request, holding Raymond as my partner, a young agent Elizabeth keen. Why the candidacy of this agent interested the former criminal, it wasn't succeeded to find out as well as why so successful robber suddenly decided to give up and begin not just to cooperate with police, and and to become one of police officers personally. Undoubtedly one thing-a sharp change of character, attitude to the law and its representatives, as well as the desire to get acquainted with the kin, can not be spontaneous, all actions are thought out and well-established, that's just the background of their remains an exciting mystery. It should be noted that the FBI repentant protagonist came not empty-handed, and with a special black list, which lists the names and crimes of all the major criminals in the world, the existence of some of which the police did not even suspect.With this list have already been caught and brought to justice the most notorious villains, on account of which hundreds of crimes, and the case is just beginning, the couple turns to our professional and dedicated Duo, which has a beneficial effect on the course of the investigation.

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