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Original Title: Ace of Diamond
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: TV Tokyo,AT-X
Creators: Yuuji Terajima
Description: The action of the new American sci-fi series "Under the Dome" is based on the novel by the greatest master of horror Stephen King takes place in the small town of Chester's Mills is located in the depths of the northern state of Maine. Living in a classic American city flowed steadily and habitually. But one day a gray autumn morning, there was an event do not fit into the usual framework and defies logical explanation. Suddenly, around the city formed an invisible but absolutely impenetrable force cupolas. All attempts to overcome the strange barrier fail. When confronted with them broken planes and exploding cars. Residents were completely cut off from the outside world and now lives in the town flows through the wild new laws. Chef Dale Barbara last military school in Iran led by a small group of concerned people trying to do something in this situation. However, he is opposed to a local politician and his aides. Will there be a winner in this fight or people come to their senses and realize that their main enemy is still sinister dome?

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