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Original Title: Adaptation
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: TNT
Creators: Fyodor Stukov
Description: The second season of the series of national "Adaptation" continues loved by many viewers the story of how an American spy was on the territory of Russia, trying to get her to Gazprom. Of course, he will not easy, because the character is standing in front of an incredibly difficult task, because it is - a real American, which is very difficult to understand the Russian soul. However, in Russia the main character is named Oleg Menshov to cause less suspicion. In a small regional division of a man earns someone like an engineer who has some freedom in the choice of occupation. It is almost an ideal position for a spy, but the man should rise to positions that, in fact. It is practically impossible. The main character just can not understand the local mentality and the people who surround him. In addition, he soon acquires friends, who, despite the sharp relationship at the beginning, soon opening up a spy. He is finally beginning to understand what it means to love in Russian, and Russian have to behave like a typical Russian. Every day carry out its mission of becoming more and more challenging.

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