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Original Title: ALF
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: NBC
Creators: Paul Fusco
Language: English
Description: New adaptations of the adventures of the famous detective of all times and peoples offered by the Americans. In the series "Elementary" viewers again waiting for a meeting with your favorite Sherlock Holmes and his partner Dr. Watson. Moreover, wait for the appearance and other favorite characters — fatal beauty Irene Adler, evil and powerful Professor Moriarty, the original brother of Sherlock — Mycroft, near, but sweet police detective Lestrade. rnBut the story of the American screenwriters have changed almost beyond recognition.rnFirst, all the action is transferred to our time. And because Sherlock everywhere worn with an iPhone, often uses the Internet, and with his assistants prefer to communicate via SMS.rnSecondly, there was a shift not only in time but also in space. This time Holmes is in new York. He will solve crimes and catch maniacs and murderers on American soil.rnBig changes were made to the character of Dr. Watson. Now this is not a military doctor and retired John Watson, and a charming girl Joan Watson. She is a former doctor who left the practice after she lost one of her patients. Now Joanne is engaged in helping former drug addicts and works as a curator. That's up to her and get an appointment our Sherlock. rnSam Sherlock in the TV series "Elementary" is a former drug addict, who has been struggling with his fatal passion. At first, he helps Joan Watson. And in gratitude, Sherlock begins to teach Joan the basics of his profession. And this case so captivates the girl that she decides to completely change her life and devote her investigations of crimes.Joan and Sherlock work closely with the NYPD as consultants. Their fresh eyes, unusual vision and incredible deduction help to find a lot of criminals and expose the cunning machinations of scammers and scammers. It is interesting, but many crimes seem to have something in common with the main, classic plot of "the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." Will be in the series and the fight with Moriarty, and the Reichenbach falls, and the case of the "Union red", and the case of the five orange pips. Connoisseurs of the classic version will find a lot of references to the text of the series, which makes it even more interesting and intriguing. rnThe first two seasons almost completely repeat the outline of the classic stories about Sherlock Holmes. Each new series is a new crime and a new investigation. Mysterious and incomprehensible clues, mysterious incidents, clever intrigues-and only the genius of Sherlock can make the right "puzzle" and calculate the killer.rnBut the further events develop, the more independent becomes his partner-Joan. Moreover, in the third season, this confident lady opens her own detective Agency, continues successful cooperation with the police of new York and no longer needs a brilliant Sherlock has to fight for Watson's attention. The audience wonders if this friendship will grow into a love affair. The writers keep it a secret, which adds to the plot intrigue and fascination.

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