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Original Title: All in the Family
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: CBS
Creators: Johnny Speight,Norman Lear
Language: English
Description: Series for fans of detectives with iron nervesIf you like exciting stories about maniacs, psychopaths and serial killers, pay attention to one of the most popular series of this genre – "Think like a criminal".the Series tells about the work of a special Department created at the Federal Bureau of investigation in the US – the Department of behavioral analysis. This Department employs specialists of different profiles, but the team is United by one goal: the search for serial killers and the investigation of the most serious crimes.Yes, all members of the famous Department's team are professionals. Jason Gideon has been a permanent leader for several years and, in fact, is one of the founders of the Department. A few seasons later, the charming and charismatic Aaron Hochner will take his place. Derek Morgan and the beautiful ell often carry out operational work. The tireless " JJ " is a public relations specialist. Genius Spencer Reid never ceases to amaze with his intelligence, and the restless and lively, Penelope brings to this serious teams with the required degree of optimism.rnEach episode is devoted to the investigation of individual case. Do not get tired to marvel at what only psychopaths are not in the world: here you will hear terrible stories about Stranglers and arsonists, pedophiles and rapists, maniacs and, of course, about their is Interesting to see how the investigation is being built. A team of professionals calculates the offender is not so much the evidence as analyzing his behavior and making a psychological profile. The show is not so much the usual Thriller of chases and skirmishes. However, the plot of each series is very dynamic and eventful. Even more intrigues are added by the episodes telling about the past of each of heroes. Over time, it turns out that each of the FBI profilers in the past has its own terrible story. Moreover, heroes often become victims of their"clients".

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