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  • Drama
The day came when the settlers began their long journey to the distant shores of the country, which was once opened by the well-known Columbus. "Mayflower" - a merchant ship from England has become a means of transportation for travelers. The ship had to overcome a great distance and reach its destination, no matter what difficulties arose on the way. For all the passengers on Board, and there were 102 people, it was a great test of endurance. Three months for someone to become a real pain.
Everyone knows that the path of the water element is dangerous and sprinkled with various difficulties, and not the petals of scarlet roses. That just did not have to see the travelers: crushing storms, strong winds, piercing through, cold rains and strong waves, playing with the ship like he was a toy. Another test on the ship was the incredible tightness. There were a lot of passengers, and not enough space, so everyone could sympathize with sardines from the Bank, because he felt what it was. Lack of food and uncomfortable conditions. Finally it seemed land, where all the difficulties should be left behind, but it just seems. Still just ahead.