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Original Title: Ally McBeal
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Channel: FOX
Creators: David E. Kelley
Language: English
Description: In the series "Two broke girls " or " two girls broke " we see two pretty girls, one of which is a classic of the genre is a blonde, the other a brunette. In their life, everything didn't turn out as they would have liked: brunette Max barely making ends meet, and although this works two jobs, blonde Caroline in the past was a Princess, but fate played a cruel joke and now, she, along with max working in a cheap cafe. In short, at first they did not get along with each other, it is clear Max is a virtuoso of his business, and Caroline is a talentless blonde who does not know how to do anything. Max knew that now she would have to cover his new companion and she doesn't like. But the first impression, as we all know, is often deceptive. After a while, Max begins to understand that her "girlfriend " is not so helpless, and her mind sometimes even surprised. So, day after day, they worked together. Each of them has a dream to create their own business and now when they are together it's time to make money to start a business. But as it turns out later, one tip is not enough to open a restaurant. Our heroine is not one of those who will just give up, they are full of hope, strength and are ready to fight for their dreams, and we, the audience, can only watch the series and believe that they will succeed!

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