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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Riddled with multiple storylines interwoven in the course of the story, 3 the seasons of "the Crime of the American" re-addresses problems faced by the lower social rungs – illegal immigrants, orphans, tramps, addicts and prostitutes. One of the main characters will be members of the family Hesby, owning large industrial farms in several States. At the beginning of the series, the owner of the enterprise Ann Hesby instructs all his relatives and subordinates to look for cheap workers who are ready to perform hard physical labor for two dollars. The next character is a guy named Isaac. Previously, he also worked on the farm Hesby, and now became a " foreman "and collects the city and the surrounding area people willing to work for a penny, promising them"mountains of gold". One of the new employees will be a young boy named Kay, experiencing difficulties with drugs. We'll also meet Kimara Walters, who works in social services. She tries to guide on the path the true teenagers, faced with insurmountable problems. One of her "clients" is a 17-year-old prostitute girl Sha Reese, who was in sexual slavery before her arrest. Another hero named Louis and he was with the help of smugglers came from Mexico to America, hoping to find his son here.

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