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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
One of the most unusual series of psychological thrillers, returns, meet – "American horror story: Cult". This is season 7 of the project, in which we are waiting for a new story, no less frightening than each of the previous ones. The events unfolding in the United States in 2016. The beginning of the first series takes us to the night when we are about to announce the new President of the United States. First, we meet the family of two lesbians-Ellie and ivy Richards-Mayfar - who, together with their friends living across the street, greedily watching the news and want the winner to be Hillary Clinton. Then with a guy named Kai Anderson - his bright blue hair, demeanor and piercing gaze immediately hint that we have a man who can easily be counted among the villains. And in further episodes he will only confirm this. Wins Donald trump, leading to strong hysterics Ellie and joy attack Kai. The next day, the main character goes to his therapist, telling him that after the appointment of a new President, she aggravated old phobias. After the terrorist attacks in 2002, she began to fear the horror of clowns, holes in objects and blood. For 14 years, Ellie has learned to cope with fears, but after last night phobias again overwhelmed her. And now with a new force. The situation is exacerbated when it begins to pursue the creepy clowns, and the surrounding people, including his wife and psychologist, do not believe in the stories of Ellie, believing that she is going crazy…