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Original Title: Ancient Aliens
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
  • Mystery
Channel: History
Creators: Kevin Burns
Language: English
Description: United States intelligence agencies decide to resort to the services of a professional killer. The entire operation is carried out in the strictest confidence, the killer himself unofficially works for the government, so there should be no difficulties. The beginning of the secret war was put by criminal authorities, shadow tycoons, international terrorists and other persons who decided to establish their own rules and control in the state spheres of activity. Such an operation has already deprived the state of solid profits, there is an outflow of capital from the country, there is a reduction in taxes. All this causes significant damage to the prestige of the country and its leadership. Mitch RAPP will be the most dangerous enemy, which is to beware, because over the years of service all the tasks they performed flawlessly. The person is aware that in the event of the failure of the government to easily eliminate or simply refuse. He will become an unnecessary witness, no one will believe his testimony, but he will not have time to give them. Any mistake is severely punished, and it will be the last thing he will remember in this life. You can watch American murderer in good quality online for free without registration.He was confident that I chose the right job, after all, American society should live together in justice. There is only one question-whether the government when destroys such people for the slightest mistakes is right. The threat of war hangs constantly, special agents are doing everything possible and impossible to prevent the emergence of conflict situations. Stan Hurley is kind to all the fighters who came to his service. Mitch is a beginner, so training and education will be conducted personally by him to understand the potential of the young man. Hurley is a Cold war veteran with decades of impeccable service behind him, making him a valuable employee capable of training young cadres. Urgent task forces Mitch to interrupt their studies, he of the chiefs is sent to prevent a Third World war. The emergence of a conflict in the East can not be allowed, a dangerous criminal must be neutralized. In the course will go all the knowledge and techniques, but the villain will be well prepared. Would a dangerous mission fail?

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