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Original Title: Ancient Warriors
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Language: English
Description: The main heroine of the film "Guests" becomes a young girl named Katya. It is located in the resort town during the off-season so that people here are very few. But she meets with the company of children. They are very funny and catchy almost immediately west soul girl. Later, Kate learns that these guys love in a special way to have fun, they throw parties but in other people's homes. But for parties they use only abandoned houses. She quickly remembers the house which is far away from the people and the owner was gone for a long time and does not appear in the building. That's when the guys go there and everything is going according to plan. Party in full swing guys having fun dancing to communicate. But at one point comes home angry landlord who is very dissatisfied with what's going on here. The heroine says that a man is something wrong. As the main characters will get out of the situation? Will they survive?

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