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Documentary multi-part project of scientific and educational TV channel Animal Planet, telling about the ongoing struggle for the right of existence of various representatives of the animal world. The main idea of the TV project-life on Earth from the very moment of origin constantly exposed to the devastating effects of monstrous disasters, endangering, and often completely destroying certain types of terrestrial inhabitants. Based on modern theories and scientific methods, the creators of the series are trying to recreate the most dangerous cataclysms that have ever threatened all life on our planet. Among these large-scale disasters are, for example, the strongest cosmic gamma radiation penetrating through the earth's atmosphere and having the most detrimental effect on any active organisms, as well as the fall of a large asteroid, presumably causing the death of dinosaurs, which left behind an impressive crater with a diameter of 180 kilometers in the North of the Yucatan Peninsula. And in General, during the period of history, covering more than 600 million years, the total number of extinct species of animals is simply amazing in its scale, making you enjoy the incredible vitality of human beings, always ready to overcome any test.

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