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Original Title: Arctic Air
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: CBC Television
Creators: Ian Weir
Language: English
Description: The entire universe is subject to a coherent system of numbers - so says young obsessed prove this math teacher Maximilian Cohen. Max sure that any object, phenomenon, the situation can be described, using a specific numeric code. Mathematician sure clue to any code is known to every schoolchild in the number Pi. Cyclicity - that such a procedure is concluded in all the events occurring in the world. Floods and other natural disasters, the global financial crisis, the epidemic rise and fall of stock prices on the world's stock markets - all subject to this magic number. Night after night Max tries to calculate a magic code that explains the process of changing the rates of exchange of shares. Obsession with a young mathematician scares his teacher Sola Robinson. He, too, in the past, puzzled over this question and now persistently tries to convince Max to throw it up. One can only guess whether the teacher Maximilian mystery of pi solved, but watching as you get closer to the solution of this problem around Max appear strange people, while the guy begins the real paranoid, you might guess that the teacher has something to hide, and secret numbers for him - no longer a secret. But he took the right and wise decision - to leave everything as is. This, he advises to make and Max, so as not to disturb the fragile peace of the universe.

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