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  • Genres:
  • History
  • Documentary
Channel: BBC Two
Language: English
Description: Since then, the team of X-Men inexplicably disappeared, and the government has tightened the law on the control of mutants, the latter were in a position rogue. Now they unceremoniously caught in broad daylight, brutally interrogated, put behind bars without trial, and sometimes even destroy. Fall under the distribution and did not really know how to manage their own teenagers, and harried, and therefore angry young men. Among those who believe that protecting the public from dangerous elements, - opinionated Attorney Reed Strucker. He firmly believes in his mission, but only as long as the school where his children are learning, there is no terrible incident. In the midst of the party due to the fault of two young mutants it happens stir nearly cost the life of some of those present. Shocking discovery becomes something that mutants are these same children Strucker - perfect schoolgirl Lauren and Andy outsider. After the incident, government services turn against his own slave and open the hunt for a family of Reed, but he has no choice, but to flee with his wife and children. Ironically, the only ones to whom Strucker can ask for help - mutant resisters, which yesterday he had a deadpan cornered. So forced allies begin to fight not only for their rights, but also for the peaceful existence.

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