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  • Mystery
Arman's Secret tells of five young people who will one day get to know each on the horse farm of Liliental family. They are all located in the countryside, to get distance from the problems of their lives - the reasons are quite different in nature.    Charlie, Nils, Tarik, Dajana and Patrizia but must quickly find that the idyllic horse farm hides a dark secret. Mysterious events take place and over time, remember the five young people that they are determined to be chosen to ventilate Arman secret. It begins an exciting adventure full of dangers. Charlie, Nils, Tarik, Dajana and Patrizia must outgrow despite their differences about themselves and pull together in concert.    Main character of Arman's secret Charlie (Sinje Irslinger) is a taffes girl who has enough definitively from her family. Apart from that she is a loyal friend as sincere.    Nils (Tom Gramenz) is the kind of young people who prefer to keep for themselves. He would like to avoid contact with other young people.    Tarik (Kaan Sahan) embodies the exact opposite of Nils: He is the Cool of the group and leaves no opportunity unused to brag.    Dajana (Stephanie Amarell) totally understands Nils silent type, because she is also very shy. Both quickly find each other a wire.    Patrizia (Luise Befort) is reflected, however, more likely to Tarik's page because it is one thing above all, namely self-indulgent and vain. (MH)

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