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  • Comedy
The rich family Gabriel loses from one day to the next everything: wealth gone, job gone, home away! A word that the Gabriel's earlier not even participated in the mouth, determined from now on their daily lives: poverty. So get out of their luxury villa and into the dreary high-rise in the social focal point. Instead of caviar and oysters there are potatoes and canned ravioli. Instead Chanel to wear no-name clothes. And instead stretch limo to drive buses and trains. After the initial despair, the family tries to come to terms with her new life. Because two things can be the Gabriels not take: Your dignity and unconditional will to live. According to the motto "Every kick in the pants also makes you a step forward," they face the new challenges with humor and energy. Soon they realize that the change does have its positive aspects. Not welded together and the word family gets a whole new meaning. This leads to a renewed approach of the parents Paul and Adina, who have lived for years only polite side by side. And the two daughters Lilo and Sarah realize that this is really important priceless in life: True friendship, trust, security and the love of their parents.

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