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Original Title: Arms Alchemy
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: TV Tokyo
Creators: Nobuhiro Watsuki
Description: Spectacular fantasy drama "Fire and Ice: The Dragon Chronicles" takes us into the fairy kingdom carp dominated by magic, brave knights and the evil dragons. King Augustine, the father of a beautiful princess Louise, rules these lands peacefully. It was a generous nation with good people who love the freedom that King valued the most in the world. Therefore, Louise grew up not like all the princess, sitting near by mommy and engaged viscous socks. In 18 it was not given in marriage, so it was free to enjoy the adventure and to travel freely on the spacious possessions on his horse. From an early age, Louise perfectly owned horse riding and fencing. Once at the village at the castle was attacked by a terrible fire dragon, which appeared due to the distant mountains. Guards of the king was able to repel the attack, but it was only an appearance of salvation. That day was only the beginning: the flying reptile appeared in the carp every few weeks. After three months, raids the kingdom was almost destroyed. Sinister Kvilok king agreed to give refuge to the people carp, but in return he demanded complete submission. Then Louise decided to go in search of the exiled knight Aladora, which, according to legend, was able to win once the Ice Dragon. Will the young princess to find a way out of this situation and save his kingdom, you can look online at our online movie theater.

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