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Original Title: Arrested Development
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: FOX,Netflix
Creators: Mitchell Hurwitz
Language: English
Description: The series Arrow 2 stonechat right now on our site! The protagonist Oliver - a young spoiled billionaire, his life goes very smoothly: girls, drinks, clubs. Perhaps he would have spent his whole life, but fate decreed otherwise, he and his father gets a storm and their yacht sinks, managed to escape only Ollie - he throws on a desert island, which made him a real man, a fighter for justice. Rescuers can not find the sunken yacht, and they are declared dead. Five years later, he still found, but now he is not like he was before, he is not interested in the party, all he needs is to restore justice in his city, but that would achieve this he will have to walk on so many are not good heads! Oliver thought of the way he is now and hardly anyone can stop him to achieve a certain goal. Time: 42 min. - so nicknamed Oliver, goes after crooked businessmen, but as will be later our heroes have several different goals, and if the Queen gives you the opportunity to correct the situation, the Mysterious gunman is merciless, and not warn him, meeting him means only one thing - death! and again, not casual. This series shows us another side of the main character, the side that is vulnerable and capable of love. Olliver meets with Laurel and tries to get her forgiveness, if you have not yet understood, then Laurel is Ollie's ex - girlfriend, but the anger in her soul is not because they once parted, but because of his fault her sister died. Yes, Yes it is with her, he amused himself in that horrible night on the yacht and rescue her failed, she sank with the boat. But they will have to forget the past, now they need to unite to save an innocent convict. Look how it was... 9 episode is intimidating name lies ahead! This series is dedicated to such a wonderful good holiday as Christmas, well, who does not like this holiday? Here's our Ollie remembered the old tradition to celebrate Christmas together in the family circle, moreover, he learned that during his absence, Moira and Thea stopped celebrating this holiday. There is a preparation for the evening and it would seem that nothing can stop, but it was not there, Deagle brings bad news, someone in the city knows about the list and now this someone is hunting and killing with arrows. It can't wait and Olivero have to leave this fine evening (well, actually as always!) Before us 10 episodes and he wears terrible name Burned , which translates as Burnt. Immediately leads to the idea that with an Arrow that had happened. In the previous series, Ollie was defeated by an unknown dark Archer and it severely crippled him. He decides to take a break from this activity, but his rest did not last long. He meets Laurel and asks for help in the investigation of a very strange death of a fireman, he can not refuse and now he is waiting for new discoveries, one of which is that now he realized that he is not alone and he has something to lose! < div>
That's right, as you may have noticed, the list is known to some big shots, one of which is Malcolm Merlin, we have repeatedly met in conversations with Moira. If you go back to the list, next comes Ted Gaynor – in the past he was a mentor to the Deagle, and now he's involved in the mischief, but that remains to be proved. Of course Deagle protects his friend and he even had to get him a firm. How will this story end? Episode 12 . 12 episode called Vertigo. Vertigo-a new drug, it has gained great popularity and has not spared the family of Queens. Baby Thea got caught for use and now she has serious problems, even power and money will not save her from imprisonment. Oliver can not allow this and he has to remember the past and meet with the former love McKenna Hall, it is she who is the key to the liberation of Thea, only with her help he will be able to find a dealer of this stuff. Everyone calls him "the Count ", I wonder why? Then forward to viewing ... episode 13 . So, Betrayal, what's going to happen in this series? And the irreparable will happen! The dangerous criminal Cyrus Vanch will be released, before detention he was the head of the whole criminal world and now, after release he intends to return the missed. He has already heard about the green hood and for the implementation of the tasks, it is necessary to eliminate what actually Cyrus will do. Against the background of these events, we see Thea, now she is forced to work together with Laurel in the law office. Lance makes a serious mistake, which resulted in the fatal bullet Cyrus can catch his daughter! Episode 14 . The Odyssey-this is the name received 14 series. In the last episode Oliver Ranelagh, and was wounded very seriously, so his life is now in jeopardy, he has no other choice but turn to felicity. Now they all need to unite, otherwise the outcome can be disastrous. In this time Queen is sent in past to one similar on this event, then he fought for life together with Slade Wilson – another a new blockbuster in series about which we still hear. Episode 15 . So, Dodger. As You could not understand the main character to die, well, anyway, in the midst of the events. Recovering from the injury he needs to develop his personal life, especially even felicity noticed that Ollie had not been on a date for a long time, so soon we will see a date Arrows and detective McKenna. And this time, the city appeared again the next villain, well glad that he is not a murderer, he is a thief, but that's not quite a simple as Dodger - he's a professional and it so happened that his target is someone close to Oliver. We'll also meet pickpocket Roy Harper and Moira's stunning move. Episode 16 . "Happy birthday Tommy " is a good name, isn't it? But the plot is not so colorful and festive, and probably Vice versa. Deadshot's alive! That's the news for Oliver and Deagle and his target Malcolm! Why now, because the nose is a Grand event – an event in his honor and service to the city. Tommy's still holding a grudge against Malcolm, but he'd better try it on. Oliver needed a plan, but every day it becomes increasingly difficult to combine personal life and responsibilities of a Green hood. Episode 17 . The Huntress Returns, which translated means "the Crazy ex ". The name is intriguing, isn't it? Finally, Oliver managed to open his club, the novel with McKenna goes like nelz better and it would seem that she is the Golden mean, but a quiet life does not last long. City returned to "the Huntress " – it is the same crazy, which is ready to destroy the entire city, even more escalate the situation Dinah lance, she claims that Sarah is alive and she has proof of its existence. Roy Harper managed to gain Thea's trust and now she works at the club, but let's not forget that he's a criminal and people like him are just incorrigible. Episode 18 . Salvation, as they say "around the Bush ". Here we meet a new villain, though he calls himself "the Savior ". What I can say about him: perhaps initially he had only good intentions, but what we see now, can not be called anything other than murder. The murder pushed him offenders the native area, inspired by the feats of the "Arrow " he is to administer justice. After such statement on the Internet Oliver is obliged to stop the criminal. The search for a "Savior " stopped when Oliver learns from the mouth of the Thea that Roy has been kidnapped. Meanwhile, Malcolm is seriously concerned about his safety and orders Moira to find someone who attempted on his life. Episode 19 . Unfinished Business Is. Party in club Verdant, not all ended because I wanted to. Nearby was found the corpse of a young woman who, as it turned out, they had already known of the drug Vertigo. But how can it, when "Count " is in a mental hospital anyway, so I think the detectives and Oliver and what was their surprise when they learned that "the Count " fled. Now the first priority for Oliver and Deagle becomes the capture of this dangerous criminal. Also in this episode we see Tommy attempts to clear his name and return to the past in order to remember a few lessons from Shado and Slade. < div> Straleckaite Series 1.2 season on our website absolutely free of charge!

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