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Original Title: Arthur
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: PBS
Creators: Marc Brown,Cookie Jar Group
Language: English
Description: The provincial South of America is perhaps the most mystical place in the country. Here is grueling gloomy atmosphere of the different religious cults of African voodoo to the beliefs of the ancient Celts (of course, with a large portion of fundamental Christianity) mixed up an incredible cocktail. The action of the series begins in Louisiana in 1995, when in the middle of a grass field, find the corpse of a naked woman with horns on her head, becausemy the victim as a crown.nnTwo detectives are assigned to investigate a religious murder. First, Martin HART-a typical southerner: a great police officer and a reliable guy, moderately respectable family man with two charming daughters. As a partner he gets the rookie Rustin cohle. He is an unsociable loner, sociopath, and, as he describes himself, "a pessimist, philosophically speaking." But he's damn smart, with an encyclopedic amount of knowledge and a subtle sense of the world.nnThe first murder case, of course, will not be limited. In 2012, the investigation will be opened a second time. And over the years will be disclosed not only the crime, but also the identity of partners. Between HART and Cole there will be a real friendship – which is possible only between men.

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