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Original Title: Arthur
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: PBS
Creators: Marc Brown,Cookie Jar Group
Language: English
Description: After hundreds of years in the far future, the human race was on the border of extinction, but together with those who survived managed to do a unique technology, it is possible to move the mind of certain persons in the body of a man living in the early twenty-first century. And in order not to affect already happened in history, so called "traveler" moved the body of people in the period of his historical death, which has made some problems in relations with the reduced amount of suicide bombers and the strict correlation in time. specifically, travelers will be the extreme faith of people, as they have the chance to influence the main actions of the past, the necessary way to change the future to avoid a terrible disaster. In the center of the film is a specialized group, moved to the body of FBI representative Grant McLaren, intellectually retarded maiden Marcy, quarterback high school Trevor, single mom Carly and drug addict Philip. a Small group needs to solve a number of major problems that somehow affect the fate of people. That's really the main characters did not suppose that the difficulties they have to meet, because all the dead people whose bodies they borrowed, to such had a life of its own.

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