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The plot takes us in the near future. Despite the fact that a little more than forty years from today, a technological leap forward was committed noticeable! Mankind has free crisscrossing the vast expanses of our galaxy and founded colonies on other planets. The focus of the plot is a small boat, which is sent to a distant star, to hold for nine students guided tours. Of course, they can expect more stop on one of the new planets suitable for life. However, youngsters do not even realize that they have to go through! When you exit to the surface of one of the planets guys faced with a strange glowing sphere. Anomaly creates an incredibly powerful beams that penetrate all around and sent the protagonists along with their spacecraft at a great distance from the Earth. the characters are in the depths of space now, somewhere over five thousand light-years! Here, they are unlikely to be able to meet with representatives of the familiar races, but will try to gather strength and will in a fist, to start fighting for survival. Who knows, with some more amazing event will encounter the main characters!

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