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Original Title: Austin City Limits
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: PBS
Creators: Bill Arhos
Language: English
Description: you can have on our website absolutely free! 1715. west indies. Pirates threaten the region's Maritime trade routes. The laws of all civilized Nations declare them enemies of all mankind. In response, the pirates adhere to their own doctrine: war against the world. Another ship has been boarded. The team of the captured ship will have to die, no matter how they resist, and who will survive, will join the pirate ranks. Pirates encounter a ship in a closed room, where they find a dead man who "could not bear the thought of what they will do with it " and John silver. He's ready to join their fraternity, and by the way, a very good cook. John taking the team on a course of action he falls into the hands of page, who is very interested in captain flint, she from the ship's log, route the captured ship. And on a pirate ship, a revolt is brewing, they already sit for three months without income. Upon arrival on the island, these events recede into the background, and silver learns where torn found them page. He secretly enters the captain's cabin, where overheard a conversation he clarifies a lot. The goal of the captain of the cargo a total value of $ 5 million. All these events take place a few decades before what we read in the well-known "treasure Island ", and the series online " Black sails " promises to be quite interesting.

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Rufus Wainwright

Release date: 24/10/2020
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