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Original Title: Austin City Limits
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: PBS
Creators: Bill Arhos
Language: English
Description: USA, our time. There are numerous elections, protests, absurd laws are adopted in the Senate, lies and injustice reigns around. Congressman working in the Capitol, trying to accustom to the political life of his rebellious daughter Laurel Healy. The girl is not interested in politics and does not want to choose the life path of her father and brother, but she has no choice. She needs a certain amount for her film, but only her father has such money. The Congressman's willing to help her, but he's offering her a deal. She has to get a job at the Capitol as her brother's assistant. The girl agrees with her father and immediately moves to Washington, where there is a state institution called the Capitol. This is the heart of the United States. Without hesitating for a long time, the heroine enthusiastically gets to work. Looking closely at the employees, especially their behavior, she begins to understand that something is wrong with them. They're all acting very strange. After a personal investigation, she comes to the conclusion that all civil servants are dependent, but on what? It turns out that America is overwhelmed by the epidemic. In the heart of America invaded evil alien creatures that feed on the brains of congressmen and easily control their actions, and hence the whole of America. The girl decided on a dangerous step. She's trying to stop the alien monsters. But it's good to develop a plan? And will she be able to save the world?

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The Very Best of John Prine

Release date: 03/10/2020
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