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Original Title: Austin City Limits
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: PBS
Creators: Bill Arhos
Language: English
Description: The protagonist of the television series "breaking bad " is the most common teacher at the Institute, his name is Walter white, he loves his pregnant wife and they have a disabled son. Now they have a difficult period in life, surely each of us have had these moments, moments when it seems that all about you are forgotten and nobody care what is happening to you, but that is no reason to lose heart and apskati hands, the black stripe is white. Despite the fact that Walter has a steady income with the money they have always had problems, the salary of a teacher is negligibly small and the costs from it does not become smaller. Being a caring and exemplary family man, he gets a part-time job in the car wash. Work after teaching at the University is incredibly difficult, but even more difficult when his students come to wash the car and do not miss the moment to play a joke on the poor man, he is already hard, and then there is this. Now, perhaps, move on to the second story line, namely to what it all started. And it all began with how Walter's brother-in-law, serving in the bodies to combat drug trafficking, invited him to go together on a RAID in the laboratory for the production of methanphetamine , he agreed. During the RAID, he notices a guy escaping and what was his surprise when he saw him as his student. After completing the round-up Walter thought a bit and decided to take advantage of all this. Having met at the University with this student, he offers him to establish a business. You may ask, why would he do that? It's very simple, the name of the series speaks for itself and it's easy to guess that the main character has serious problems: lack of money, personal life went awry, a fatal diagnosis, I think it's enough to go to extreme measures. Having bought a trailer, they go away from prying eyes - in the desert, where they establish production and prepare for the sale of their first batch. See, should be interesting, because not every series can hold as much as 5 seasons!

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