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Original Title: Austin City Limits
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: PBS
Creators: Bill Arhos
Language: English
Description: One proverb says that every person forges his own happiness. This, of course, a good thought, but Daphne Wilder – woman, raised three daughters and so much understands in life, – with it not very agree. Of course, it is good when a person ceases to go with the flow and begins to take an active part in creating their own future, but even better if he is in this difficult matter will help a loving mother, such as Daphne herself. This kind of help is just what her younger daughter needs – a young Millie, who, unlike her two older sisters, not only did not get married, but also broke up with her boyfriend. Afraid that Milly will never find a decent pair, Daphne bravely goes on the attack: looking for my daughter a suitable candidate for a husband and begins to adjust the "casual" his and Millie meet. Unfortunately, Millie gets in the way of her own happiness: it turns out that she did not grieve for the former for a long time and has already found a guy – a cute guitarist, whom her mother also considered as a possible son-in-law, but eventually rejected. That's how it happened that because of the intervention of the mother Millie was between two guys and, unable to immediately make a choice, decided to meet with both at the same time, and there is already to see which of them suits her better.

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