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Original Title: Babylon 5
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: TNT
Creators: J. Michael Straczynski
Language: English
Description: The situation in the universe is becoming more and more acute – new enemies calling themselves Shadows are becoming more aggressive, and the truce between earthlings and Minbari is becoming more fragile. Many analysts predict the beginning of a new era at the end of 2261 – each of the heroes of the series "Babylon 5" interprets it in his own way: someone considers it the end of the universe, and someone the beginning of a new era, without war and destruction. Sheridan, deceived at the end of last season by his wife's Ghost, went to the Shadows to make peace with a hostile civilization. While part of the team is busy searching for the captain, Londo learns a shocking secret-it turns out that the newly minted Emperor Centauri crazy. Meanwhile, Sheridan meets with a strange and mysterious being named lorien. He says that could bring the hero to life. Captain agrees on aid lorien, understanding, that now need its team as never before...

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