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A large number of inhabitants of the villages are killed every day. Due to pesticides life in eastern Nicaragua is rapidly declining. The owners of the banana plantations in pursuing their business only one goal - maximum revenue. However, what pesticides they use, cause damage to people, they do not care. On plantations work is taking place rapidly, and people's life is reduced. Pesticides make up a third of all costs for the bananas, because they fertilize them. Those who work on the plantations, die and suffer because of these harmful substances. The consequences of pesticides - is renal failure, the inability to have a child, cancers. The main hero of the series can be called Juan Dominguez, a wealthy lawyer who deals with the reimbursement of expenses incurred due to injuries in the workplace. He begins the confrontation with the largest banana supplier Dole Fruit and Dow Chemicals. It was a very well-known high-profile case.