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Original Title: Battlestar Galactica
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Syfy
Creators: Ronald D. Moore,Glen A. Larson
Language: English
Description: In the yard in 1973, and criminals are increasingly engaged in kidnapping of people, then demanding a ransom. A group of unknown, greedy for money bandits decides in this way to make your fortune. To do this, for the purpose of themselves, they choose a young Jean Paul Getty, which accounts for the grandson of the famous oil magnate living in Rome. They skillfully turn the case, kidnap the boy, disappear in an unknown direction and there is only the final-to knock the money out of a wealthy family. For the return of Paul Getty home safe and sound, criminals are asking for at least a few million dollars. For the magnates it is not money, so there should be no problems, but everything is not as planned by the bandits. Not only that, no one sends them money, no one tries to somehow look for the kid. His father, it turns out, to be treated for drug addiction somewhere in London, his grandfather has long departed from the family and has fun with five girls in his residence. The police laugh at the news of the kidnapping, not believing that it could be true. And only the mother is trying to do something, but since they are deprived of any monetary background, the ransom can not pay.

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