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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Channel: tvN
Description: Rafael, Rato and gardo are boys living in the same backward country both economically and socially. They had great difficulty to survive in a world where practically anybody does not matter to them. To somehow survive and feed themselves the guys have not only often break the law, but also to rummage through the garbage in the landfill, as do hundreds of others around them. They are already accustomed to this course of life, and do not know about the events that will soon happen to them.nnOne day the children's life changes drastically, because the garbage, among a heap of unnecessary things, they find a bag with money, which is there specifically threw out a man, running away from the police. The man hoped in this way to hide the bag from those who wish to take possession of it, because its contents are of great value. Now for the boys begins the craziest adventure of their lives, because they begin to hunt not only the police, but also quite dangerous people who want to take possession of the find. But the guys grew up on the street, so they know how to stand up for themselves, and like no one else knows what to do in a critical situation.

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