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Original Title: Being Human
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: BBC Three
Creators: Toby Whithouse
Language: English
Description: The American mystery drama"being human", a joint production of USA and Canada, is a remake of the eponymous British project, filmed the popular BBC.The series tells the story of three beings, the mention of which makes ordinary people fear. The story is about a vampire, werewolf and Ghost who try to live in the same house. People always attributed the worst-case, and often justified. But to our protagonists is not the case, because despite their nature, they are struggling to lead a normal lifestyle. 260-year-old vampire Aidan white has long been trying to learn how to do from people, but, so far, it's not too good at it. Ghost Sally Malik every day, helping neighbors and friends in solving problems. Hardest werewolf Joshua, for whom every full moon is a serious challenge. A double life is given to the characters is quite difficult, but they found a way to escape...

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