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  • Genres:
  • Animation
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Comedic melodramatic series from American Director David Katzenberg and screenwriter Dana Fox. The main roles were played by Dakota Johnson and NAT Faxon.Young and pretty blonde named Kate Fox was too proper and well-mannered student who used to control every step, leading a decent and chaste way of life. But her excessive ideality once played a cruel joke with her, and the main character got pregnant from a guy from College. Naturally, about any study of the speech couldn't go any more therefore Kate started devoting all the time to preparation for the birth of the child. And finally, this turning point has come. Now Fox are half-baked, but unfortunately, being a single mom. For household chores, she completely forgot that she only recently turned twenty, and at her age it was improper to accord too much time to household and child. The girl has to go to work, performing pathetic duties in the bar, to somehow provide for themselves and the baby. And completely inappropriate to visit her brother Ben - a fan madness, from which nothing but trouble. A spontaneous young man, whose brain is boiling with inadequate but brilliant ideas, has a negative impact on his relative, who is in no hurry to part with his clear and planned way of life. Or will she still want to change her principles and take a chance?

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