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Original Title: Benidorm
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: ITV
Creators: Derren Litten
Language: English
Description: In the center of the plot of the English series"All inclusive" a whole bunch of the main characters, each of which has a unique story and unsurpassed, charismatic character. Not the best hotel in the UK called"Solana" every year opens its doors to many tourists from all over the world, but there are regular customers who are able to destroy the established way of life of the quiet British.So what do we have here? Already familiar representatives of sexual minorities in the face of a couple of gay lovers, leading a melancholic lifestyle and optimistic about any events. A pair of Swingers who can not live without sexual pleasures with other lovers of extreme relations. A couple of snobs and Champions in various quizzes arranged in popular pubs. A simple-looking family with a few noisy kids can"give heat" to service workers, so the audience will not be bored for sure!Watching the presented series gradually begin to understand how ordinary life can seem boring. After all, somewhere there, as on the screen, people spend day after day enjoying life. Not to say that the classes of the main characters are invested in the framework of decency, but they like it, so why not?

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