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Twenty years have passed since then, as our hero left the glorious city Mead-hall. In search of fame and strong opponents, Beowulf went to wander the world and eventually found the desired - on his account a huge number of dizzying victories. The main events of the series begin at a time when the hero, who had time to visit a warrior and a mercenary, and a soldier, returns home, wanting to boast of their success and arrange a feast with an old friend. But when he arrived in the city, Beowulf learned that tan Hrothgar, whom he had hoped to meet, had fallen asleep forever. Warrior mercenary says goodbye to an old friend, but not in a hurry to leave the city, knowing that it requires his help. Stops him and the fact that he did not have time to pay tribute to the deceased friend, and the city now needs protection. Moreover, after the death of Hrothgar here begin to occur rather strange events, to understand that the city guards can not. And when killed the most powerful warrior Heorot, Beowulf confirms that I made the right choice, deciding to stay. He personally begins to track down a bloodthirsty killer, not even imagining that he is not hunting for an ordinary person, but for a ruthless monster who commits murders solely for his own fun. Will the battle-hardened hero be able to deal with those who terrorize Herot?

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