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Original Title: Better Off Ted
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: ABC
Creators: Victor Fresco
Language: English
Description: Sci-Fi series produced in Canada will show the audience the unforgettable adventures of a spaceship with members of the research crew on Board. In a strange way, each of the travelers after a deep sleep forget how I got here and who we are. However, because of the circumstances, they all must unite, to understand why they are here and try to recreate at least some of society. Each of those present on Board every day is forced to deal with the dangers lying in wait, not only from the outside, but also from the one who is close, because the mystery is fraught not only with infinite space. Each episode of the series is filled with treacherous adventures, discoveries, opposition to dangerous enemies and team unity, which turned out to be in the unknown. Who knows if they will be able to solve the riddle of their own journey? How they will cope, to find a common language with a friend in misfortune, I do not know what kind of person (even if he does not know it). And if we consider that people are beings with emotions and feelings, then there is a need for warm, more than friendly feelings, which is very difficult to realize, given the situation. The viewer will learn that the awakening is not accidental.

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