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Original Title: Big Love
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: HBO
Creators: Mark V. Olsen,Will Scheffer
Language: English
Description: We offer to Your attention the continuation of the series "Legends of tomorrow ". Before us the new second season, which means we again have to see how brave superheroes will save the world is transferred from one time point to another. Before you start online viewing of the new series let us remember what the first season ended, as well as the key moments of the series. As You remember, the main villain, the immortal tyrant who wants to work all of mankind Vandal savage was destroyed. Together, our heroes managed to find a weak spot the villain and let him to change the past anymore, but you can be sure – now people have a future . However, this struggle does not end, otherwise the series would be closed, so we are waiting for interesting new villains! This fact is confirmed by the fact that in the final moments of the last series of the first season, when Rip hunter and those who decided to join him for the second time in order to become the new custodians of the time, was about to step on Board Volkolata, when suddenly out of nowhere appears a reg Stylin a statement that it is better not to do it or be killed! Who is reg Stalin? He arrived at Manolete and is a member of "the justice Society of America " - the first organization of superheroes and time our travelers were interested in such a powerful organization, so it can't be good. More questions than answer and we have to understand. As for the new "Legends of tomorrow ", it was a little shorter, but that does not mean that he was weaker, maybe he will be even stronger, because after going through all the trials our heroes turned from individuals into a real close-knit family, and this is the key to success! From the serial out: Leonard Snart – captain Cold and his partner Mick Rory – "Heat wave ". Out real hero, sacrificing himself for the destruction of the tracking devices of the time lords "Oculus. " Carter and Kendra – they are the eagle and the Eagle. Now, when Vandal savage destroyed and their happiness is not in danger, decided to leave the team and for the first time in 4 thousand years to devote time to yourself and your relationship. < li>< ul> the Rest of the project participants will continue the begun business. If You forgot who that is, here briefly about each of them: Captain Rip hunter time Lord and the one who started all the mess. He ran away from his post for the sake of his family than in the doghouse of their commanders. On your hi-tech boat with artificial intelligence, "Gideon ", he decided to assemble a team and change the time, but what came of it we already know. JAX Jefferson and Professor Martin Stein, they are the same firestorm, until recently, lived his life, but after exposure are compelled from time to time to merge into one for the sake off the excess atomic energy. Initially, the Union was shaky, but afterwards they made a great team. Mick Rory – "Heat wave " from an ordinary thief eager only to gain it became a real hero ready to lend his broad chest for the sake of the team. During the show, he played not only a partner of Leonard Snart, but Chronos hunter for disobeying the orders of the time lords, so it is not known who he will be in the future, because he sent the reg Stalina from the society of superheroes, and what his position there is not yet aware of all the details only in the new series of the show! Sarah lance is a member of the "League of assassins " is a first - class mercenary that knows no mercy. In the past had to die and be reborn thanks to the "Lazarus Pit ", she digila only thirst for blood, but now she had a family. Ray Palmer aka "the Atom ". A brilliant scientist and the head of the "Alertec ". He managed to make a breakthrough and bring the impossible into reality – he has created a suit capable of reducing it to microscopic size – a sort of "iron man " with abilities "ant-man ". < li>< ul> As you can see, the only cheerful, and like that they managed not only to coexist, but to save the world from ruin. Will they be able to continue together to kick ass villains? Series Legends of tomorrow season 2 2017 all sereikaite in HD720 for free on our website any time of day!

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