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This is a documentary television series, it gave us the BBC. In it we presented a series of stories about the great wars that will remain for ever in our history. All subjects of the project are based on real testimonies recorded in literary journals of the time, as well as taking into account the scientists of our time, who tried to recreate past events and to understand the soldiers. One of the stories tells a story, which refers to the Roman Empire, which was split into two parts. This Roman Empire became an easy prey to invaders. A large number of barbarians from Asia rushed into the empire, where they are most attracted to gold. One of the chief of the barbarians became Attila- Gunn, he was able to put Rome to its knees. In the following story, we learn about the Spanish man named Hernan Cortes, who at the beginning of the sixteenth century, had the courage to lead his people in the Unseen lands of Central America, which also have been provoked by rumors of countless treasures. Each of the stories will be able to hit you, it will be very exciting and very informative. In this documentary project will be told many stories of great warriors who will capture your imagination.

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