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Original Title: Black Widows
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Channel: TV3,TV3,TV3
Creators: Mikko Pöllä
Description: In a utopian future, the ideal society consists of equal members of the Collective, share equally the concern for the welfare of a prosperous society. The law does not accept division into classes. To no one stood out, all have the same white clothes and monotonously perform their levels of workload. The colossal well-functioning mechanism, called the state, denies any manifestation of emotions as poison the human soul of unnecessary feelings, only interfere with the performance of civic duty for the common good. Love, friendship, sympathy, carnal desire is a gross remnants of the past, do not need modern progressive humanity. It is believed that the emotional outburst is inherent only in sick rare virus people. Patients become vulnerable to feelings, they are often prone to severe depression and their appearance overshadow the happy existence of members of an impersonal society. Such accidents special control service promptly taken to the "Hole" where the victim is slowly on the mend. No wonder no one else can see him. Against the background of these events, we meet a guy named Silas, who is sure that he is sick with the same virus, exacerbates his feelings and emotions. Silas soon becomes an outcast, but immediately after that finds a man who will be his spiritual mentor.

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