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Original Title: Blazing Team: Masters of Yo Kwon Do
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: Discovery Family
Language: English
Description: While everywhere raging world war against Nazism, Police Inspector Christopher Foyle instead to fight on European fronts, as orders to his heart, must lead his small undeclared war against bandits and criminals in his native county of Sussex, which is south-east of the British Isles. Since the start of hostilities in Europe, immigrants flocking to the shores of England. On its southern coast natives gathered not only from different countries but also different classes with a common goal - to survive. And for this, as we know, all good. That accounts for the local police inspector Christopher Foyle to fight crime with all means available to him, together with his charming assistant of auxiliary troops named Samantha - Girls are not only very beautiful, but also cheerful, very optimistic. The inspector did not disclose their trade secrets while investigating another crime. He is laconic, very low key (as, indeed, all the British), dressed always in the same strict tweed suit and hat. In the new season, viewers will be able to know how was the fate of the brave police inspector after fulfilled his dream, and he got to the front.

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