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  • Drama
Melodramatic series from American and British creators. The Director was Justin Chadwick, and the main roles were played by Anna Maxwell Martin and Janice loson.A young and modest girl named Esther Summerson at the age of fourteen is forced to survive the loss of her only remaining relative and beloved godmother. But the bereaved young person is not left destitute guttersnipe. She is noticed by the rich and influential Mr. Jardins - the unselfish and soft-hearted man who invited the beautiful Esther to London. Town, where there is poverty and a secular gloss, and hunger, slums and posh interiors easily coexist with each other. There she not only becomes a student of a prestigious educational institution, but also hired to work as a housekeeper in a rich and prosperous estate called"Cold house". There she meets the young heirs of Ada and Richard, and learns the tragic story of a lost daughter lady Deadlock. For this minor role actress Gillian Anderson (star of the cult series"X-files") received a well-deserved nomination for the award"Golden globe".Also, an action-Packed and colorful film will delight the viewer typical of Victorian England landscapes, rainy atmosphere, virtuoso British way of life, colorful streets, the game of light and darkness. The main characters, who will learn to appreciate spiritual values, will certainly be rewarded, and pure virtue will prevail over sinful and harmful Vice.

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