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Original Title: Bliss
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Showcase
Language: English
Description: Writer Alison Simon, along with his young daughter Claire moved into an old and gloomy house, which is located in a small town. A woman is experiencing a breakup with her husband, so she specifically chooses a secluded place to live. This house should be a new stage in the life of the heroine and her daughter, but it did not turn out as it should. One day a girl, playing in her room, finds a rather strange toy - a creepy doll that does not look very attractive. But in some strange way, this dark doll named Lilith becomes Claire's best friend, who has been very lonely lately.nnThe girl spends a lot of time with her new toy, she communicates with her, as if she is alive, and this communication does not go unnoticed. Soon Claire begins a very strange conduct, she is constantly throwing tantrums mother and pretty rough shows his dissatisfaction with different things. Alison knows something's going on with her baby. And the more time passes, the more the heroine is convinced that the culprit doll, which pushes the girl to different strange things. As a result, the woman understands that she can not do without help.

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